Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Handling Details 

We ship our pipes with bubble wrap protection and recycled cardboard. We ship daily and only with tracking numbers. Right now, our shipping HQ is in Calgary, Alberta, and shipping times vary widely due to weather and border issues, when shipping to the U.S.A. We mark the description as a ceramic rose, to assist in safe custom practices. 

We offer tracked shipping for free! Shipping is usually by ground and can take between 5 - 14 days. 

If your package arrives with damage, please take a photo of your item within a 12 hours of its arrival, and we will promptly send you a new item! (We insure each parcel, and can cover the costs with a postal claim.)



We only source the highest quality of certified food safe materials that will stand the time. Every Bloom pipe can be preserved and safely used, if you light your products with a wick, rather than a direct flame. 


Your pipe will break if dropped, and we would not recommend that you use any type of glue to fix breakage. Many types of glue have toxins that are harmful when heated. If you decide to dispose of your pipe, all of our Bloom pipes meets organic composting requirements!

Taking care of your product

Our products can withstand a certain amount of heat, and we recommend avoiding a direct heat. We recommend that you use a wick to control the flame on the pipes. A direct flame can cause discoloring and over time will break the petals. You can clean our products with a resin remover wipe, we do not recommend using anything sharp, any harsh chemicals or anything abrasive. 

Please keep your pipe away from extreme heat or cold. It is best to keep your pipe at room temperature, so as to avoid chipping or breakage. 



We primarily sell online, and will consider working with exclusive retailers. Please fill out our wholesale form hereWe thank you for your interest! 

Counterfeit Items

Creating quality products that use safe materials, are ethically made and offer artists a living wage; are our top priority. We pay attention to every detail in order to provide each customer with an amazing shopping experience. We change our insignias and use technology to ensure that our products can be traced and verified. If you feel that you have purchased an inferior copy, please contact us immediately.